Welcome to our website refreshed with new features and updates since we are listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 21 May 2019.

As shared in various media interviews since our listing, I started Medialink in 1994 on my own with HK$100,000 savings on program distribution. My younger sister Noletta Chiu joined me in 1994 and we built the brand licensing business. My elder sister Barbara Chiu joined us in 1997 and helped us on administration. From three sisters to Medialink Group Limited now having operation footprints across Asia and listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, we could not have achieved this without the guidance and direction of our board of directors, the creativity, loyalty and dedication of our colleagues, and most importantly the long term strong support of our business partners, customers and investors.

"One minute on stage and 31 years of hard work" was the statement I made at the listing ceremony and it continues to be the guiding force and principle for our Group. In the ever changing business environment and regional and global challenges, hard work is not only a must but it also imbeds in all our business actions. Underneath it is “Passion, Persistence and Partnership” - the three key words that have and will continue to allow Medialink to grow and scale higher heights in the years to come.

Passion” is the driving force of Medialink. We are passionate about providing world class entertainment and enhancing licensed brands. “Persistence” sets us apart as dedicated and professional experts. We apply our all-round product knowledge, teamwork, pursuit of innovative ideas, and unrelenting dedication to provide excellent services for both licensors and licensees, even when the journey is hard. “Partnership” is an instrumental part of our business relationships. We believe in establishing and maintaining valuable partnerships with all our business partners based on mutual respect and mutual gain for all parties.

As our name Medialink stands - "Link the Media", Medialink is an Intellectual Property (IP) management company having been a leading media content distributor and successful brand licensing management enabler in Asia. In the next 5 years, Medialink will continue to refine and extend its own 360 degree IP ecosystem, which includes IP development, Platforms and Production. In addition to being a cultural exchange ambassador, we will take entertainment through different IPs to expand on different formats of entertainment, including content, licensing and location based entertainment.

Come and journey with us and be the partner to build our dreams.