About Us
Our Group was established in Hong Kong in September 2000. We are a leading distributor of third-party owned media content headquartered in Hong Kong with presence in the PRC, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan. According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, we ranked number one among Japanese animation distributors in the PRC China in terms of revenue in 2017.

Programme Distribution Throughout Asias
Under our Media Content Distribution Business, we cooperate closely with the media content licensors through entering into content distribution arrangements with them and are capable of distributing media content relating to animation series, variety shows, drama series and animated and live-action feature films to our customers through entering into content sub-licensing arrangements with them.

Professional, Hard-working Experts
Medialink has in place an outstanding roster of dedicated and professional experts. We apply our abundant product knowledge, teamwork, pursuit of innovative ideas, and unrelenting dedication to provide excellent services for both licensors and licensees.

Emphasis on Building Excellent Relationships with Partners
Medialink truly values the relationship between the licensees and licensors. For this reason, we have implemented comprehensive quality relationship management practices. For example we continually provide new style guides for the licensee’s product development and have adopted a systematic approval procedure to help licensees to develop their products more effectively. Moreover, Medialink acts as a communication bridge between licensees and licensors with reports submitted constantly to the licensors. Ad hoc meetings are held for licensors and local licensees to enhance direct communication for more long-term cooperation relationships.

Sparing Efforts to Protect Intellectual Property Rights
Medialink knows very well that infringement of intellectual property rights causes substantial damage to both the licensors and licensee’s investments. That’s why we continue to take effective measures to provide protection and follow-up services to our clients, include publishing information as well as uncovering cases about intellectual property infringement.

Enticing the Market with Innovative Campaigns
Medialink formulates the most effective market promotion campaigns for its licensed brands, enhancing their overall reputation. Moreover, we maintain close cooperation with retailers and the media to transform licensed brands into valuable premiums and merchandises through tailor-made promotion campaigns that draw enthusiastic responses from customers.