POTATO HEAD is the brand that inspires kids and kids at heart to believe in ourselves, to laugh at ourselves and enjoy all the mixed-up fun along the way, because for generations MR. POTATO HEAD has been the only friend that can turn a frown upside down.

As we all know happiness is about being prepared for life’s many twists  and turns and you can always count on MR. POTATO HEAD to face these challenges  with  the  perfect  part  in  hand,  foot,  ear…well  you  get the idea. His parts and ideas are as flexible and unique as he is; his solutions  may not always be the fastest  root to success  but as we join him  in our  adventures,  the  laughs  along the way  make the ride all worth the while.

From the first toy commercial in 1952, MR. POTATO HEAD stands for the greatness  rooted in all of  us and the opportunity to  laugh at

ourselves. The humor comes from being uprooted and discovering the brand in unexpected places. With MR. POTATO HEAD you can expect the unexpected, the unconventional but always the laughable while knowing every one of his parts can and will be in the wrong place, except his heart.

This guide contains classic laughable elements to create products with a humorous twist that will appeal to MR.  POTATO  H EAD fans of all ages.