BUMBLEBEE must return to Earth after receiving a mysterious message from OPTIMUS PRIME.

This message leads him to find a Cybertronian prison ship, the Alchemor, from which a new faction of Decepticons are freed from their incarceration and begin to terrorize our new major metropolis setting: Crown City!

BUMBLEBEE is forced to quickly assemble a rogue team of young Autobots – a COOL REBEL “BAD BOY,” a GUNG HO ELITE GUARD CADET, and a BOMBASTIC DINOBOT. Not to mention, is a HYPERACTIVE MINI-CON to handle tech and surveillance duties. Each “new” Bot is a fully capable action hero, but relatively inexperienced – at least as far as working together as a team is concerned.

Thus, BUMBLEBEE finds himself needing to be equal parts squad leader, coach, and a proverbial babysitter as “Team BUMBLEBEE” sets up its base of operations to track and capture their new enemies.

OPTIMUS PRIME returns as well, principally serving as a guide for BUMBLEBEE when he needs OPTIMUS PRIME’S help the most. OPTIMUS PRIME’S real journey, and challenge, will involve meeting his predecessors: the 12 Primes.

This story will play itself out during the course of the first season. In this series, BUMBLEBEE must learn to fill OPTIMUS PRIME’S shoes as Team Leader. His new Recruits need to function as a well-oiled machine and OPTIMUS PRIME will need to fulfill his destiny and achieve the next step in his evolution into OPTIMUS SUPREME… All before our new

baddies join forces and roll out!