Kaede Minami, the main character of our story, is a cheerful and energetic 8th grade girl.  However, when it comes to falling in love, she is very shy.

One day, on her way home from school Kaede buys a cute mug from a mysterious shop.  Once she returns home, she casually looks at the bottom of the mug and finds some mysterious words written there:  “If you read this message aloud while pouring cocoa into this mug, a love fairy will make your wish come true.” Skeptical but curious, Kaede pours cocoa into the mug and makes a wish:  “I want to date Setsu, that cute boy in my class!”  From the mug, the adorable love fairy Mirmo appears.  “However one-sided your love is, my magic will make it the love of two!” claims Mirmo, but as we soon find out, this fairy is cute to look at, but has quite an attitude!  Thus begins the story of a young girl and her pint-sized fairy with a jumbo-sized attitude!  Will Kaede find the love she dreams of?  Follow the escapades of Kaede and her friends in this heartwarming, funny story!