Hayate Ayasaki, originally a public college student, due to his lazy parents, he has to work every day to support his family and unable to enjoy his university life. On Christmas, his parents left him an IOU. Hayate has to pay a large number of debts that his parent left him. Trafficking in organs is also planned to pay off their debts, being chased by gangsters, Hayate tries to escape and kidnap a girl in the park, at that moment, he said “I need … you (to be my prisoner)”, yet the girl misunderstands him. Suddenly there are the real kidnappers who take the girl away, Hayate selflessly rescued the girl, and didn’t realize that she is the daughter of a rich family Sanzenin, Nagi. From this incident, she hired Hayate as housekeeper and helped him to return his debts. In order to protect her, Hayate insists to return her the money and starts his days as “indebted butler”