Football has come home!
Having emerged victorious from the battle against the Hyper-Evolved Children, the Raimon Eleven have returned to their own time.
The ban on football has been lifted, and the world is free to enjoy the Beautiful Game once more.
But now a new challenge awaits Arion and friends!

It’s the tournament to decide the world’s best youth side—the Football Frontier International Mk 2!
The Raimon team gather nervously, along with 50 other hopefuls, to hear new coach Astero Darkstar announce the members of the Japanese squad.
The squad he eventually announces is made up of Arion, Victor, Riccardo…and eight players no one in the world of football has ever seen or heard of before…

…And that’s not all!
It turns out that all eight of them are complete novices who have never so much as touched a football!

What can Coach Darkstar be thinking? Why has he assembled this motley crew?
What is the shocking truth behind the latest Inazuma National squad?
As the curtain rises on the battle to be the best in the world, Arion enters the fray at the head of a collection of complete footballing beginners!